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Dictyopteris community typical of Malta



Hellenic Phycological Society (ELF) was founded in 1991

On the initiative of a group of photographers from the Universities of Thessaloniki and Athens, as well as from IOCAE (later NGC, currently HCMR).


The Company's Articles of Association were approved by the Court of First Instance on 15 April 1991, when it became operational. Discussions on the founding of the Society had already begun since 1990 on the occasion of the proposals of European Phycologists headed by Professor Michael Melkonian (University of Cologne) for the establishment of a European Federation of Phytosanitary Societies. The first suggestion was made by Ch. Katsaros at a meeting of the Hellenic Phycologists in Thessaloniki on 8-9 June 1990 (conference under the COST 48 program).


Professor M. Melkonian, who developed his views on the founding of the Federation and encouraged us to establish either an autonomous Phycological Society or a Phycology branch within the already existing Hellenic Botanical Society, was invited to this meeting. At a meeting held on 7 March 1991 in Germany, Professors I. Tsekos and S. Charitonides participated, who also formed the core of the founding members of the Company. The aims of the Company, as stated in the Articles of Association, are "to promote basic and applied research on algae, to organize conferences and to foster international relations".


In other words, the development of the Science of Phycology and the promotion of its benefits, the communication and exchange of views among the Hellenic Phycologists, the promotion and development of the teaching of Phycology in secondary and higher education so that young Greek astrologers can work in a better scientific and professional environment and further develop the Phycology in Greece, both at basic and applied level.


Despite the small number of its members (due to the small number of helmets in Greece), ELFE has developed significant activity, either scientifically or autonomously (the first took place in Volos on 21-22 November 1992) either in conjunction with the CCI meetings.