Press Release of the 4th ESP

Press Release of the 4th ESP Featured

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4th Educational Symposium of Phycology
27-29 March 2015, Heraklion, Crete






The young and older students of Crete, the protagonists and big winners, from kindergarten to High school, accompanied by their educators, completed the tasks of the "4th Educational Symposium of Phycology", achieving great success. The theme of the Symposium was "Algae in the life of the planet Earth".


The Symposium was attended by 18 school teams, who presented original and innovative works on the unknown to the general public world of algae and the marine environment of the Mediterranean Sea in general.


On Friday 27/3, at 19.00, the opening ceremony of the Symposium began, with the coordinators Dr. Katsaros Christos, Professor of NKUA, Dr. Orphanidis Sotirios, Regular Researcher ELGO ‐ DIMITRA and Papadakis Michalis, Director of the Aquarium, HCMR. The greetings of the Symposium were held by the following:

  • Dr. Katsaros Christos, Professor of NKUA, President of the European Federation of Phycological Societies (FEPS), former President of the Hellenic Phycological Society
  • Dr. Orphanidis Sotirios, Researcher ELGO ‐ DIMITRA, President of the Hellenic Phycological Society
  • Papadakis Michalis, Director of the Aquarium of Crete, Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR)
  • Dr. Magoulas Antonios, Biologist ‐ Researcher, Director of the Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology and Aquaculture of HCMR
  • Mr. Giannis Mastorakis, Mayor of the Municipality of Hersonissos

Afterwards, excellent presentations were made by the following guest speakers:
- "Algae in the life of planet Earth: An introduction", Dr. Orphanidis Sotirios (ELGO ‐ DIMITRA).
- "Phytoplankton and the productivity of the Mediterranean, with emphasis on the Eastern Mediterranean: Structure and function of the pelagic ecosystem in the era of climate change", Dr. Psarra Stella (HCMR).
- "The marine habitats of Crete: Tools for the assessment and management of the coastal environment", Dr. Shiakavara Aikaterini (Secondary education).
- "Algae and man: a journey from the past to tomorrow ..." Dr. Tzovenis Ioannis (Scientific Associate of NKUA).
- "The role of Environmental Education Centers in the sustainable development of the marine environment", Daskalakis Pavlos (KPE Ierapetra).


The work of the first day was completed with a light dinner, which contained delicacies and local wine, offered by the Aquarium "Thalassokosmos".


On Saturday 28/3, from 9.30‐13.30 and 16.00‐20.00, presentations of original works were made by student teams of Primary and Secondary Education, respectively. The coordinators for the Primary Education was Mrs. Polychronaki Thalia (Biologist, Aquarium of Crete) and Mr. Markatatos George (Office of the Primary School of Heraklion). The coordinators for the Secondary Education was Mrs. Roussomoustakaki Maria (Dr., NKUA) and Mrs. Zacharatou Angeliki (Office of the School of Secondary Education of Heraklion).


The school teams that participated were:

Primary Education


  1. Nursery School "The Smile", "Health and Wellness", Educator Sifakis Symeon.
  2. 1st Primary school of Nea Alikarnassos, "In the school of the sea", Ed. Melessanaki Maria, Gaspari Maria.
  3. School of European Education of Heraklion, "A sea between our neighborhood and Europe", "Studying the coastal and marine ecosystem of our hood", Ed. Filippaki Amalia, Kartselou Christianna, Chroniari Charoula, Kasmirli Maria, Karaoglanidis Dimitris.
  4. Primary school of Gournes Pediados, "Once upon a time in the kingdom of photophilous algae", Ed. Skoula Peace.
  5. 25th Primary school of Ilio, Attica - Cooperation with KPE Drapetsonas, "Marine flora and biodiversity in the Saronic Gulf with emphasis on the Port of Ag. Nikolaou Keratsiniou ", Ed. Vasilopoulou Smaragda, Strofylas Dionysios.
  6. 2nd Primary school of Ierapetra - Collaboration with KPE Ierapetra ‐ Neapolis, "Marine Life in the Mediterranean", Ed. Vouzouneraki Ioanna, Daskalakis Pavlos.
  7. 1st Primary school of Gazi, "Eurofykious Project", Ed. Kostaki Stella ‐ Marina, Eptaminitaki Magdalini, Diakatou Eftychia, Bakalouma Eugenia, Psallidaki Theodora.


Secondary Education


  1. Secondary School of Thrapsanos, "I study the seaweeds and integrate them into the tradition of my place", Ed. Sfakianaki Georgia, Pervolaraki Fotini.
  2. 1st Secondary School of Heraclion, "Algae and Matisse, a visual narrative about algae", Ed. Choulaki Maria.
  3. Ε.Ε.Ε.Ε.Κ. (Special Education) Xirokampos Agios Nikolaos, "The blessed seaweed", Ed. Mavroidis Georgios, Porfyraki Xanthoula.
  4. Alikianou Secondary School of Chania, "Effects of dust particles transported from the Sahara desert with rains (mud rains) on the marine ecosystem of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea" (text), Ed. ΑNektaria Archontaki, Dimitra Lampou, Makrymanolakis Pantelis.
  5. Viannou Secondary School, "Seaweeds and not.. Freakweeds", Ed. Kourletaki Irini.
  6. 3rd Secondary School of Ierapetra, "Sea and salty water. An environmental education program at the 3rd High School of Ierapetra" (text), Ed. Psaroudakis Chrysovalantis.
  7. 3rd High School of Heraclion, "Ariel, the little mermaid and..." (part 1) (part 2), Ed. Christoforatou Tania, Panopoulou Maria.
  8. Secondary School of Malia, "Algae in art", Ed. Hatziioannidou Zoi, Partheniadis Kon/nos.
  9. 6th Secondary School of Heraclion, "Cultivating Spirulina as fish food for aquaculture. A modern method of food production, where everything is recycled" (text), Ed. Stylianos Terzakis, Lagoudaki Evangelia.
  10. 3rd Secondary School of Heraclion, "Macroalgae as indicators of the state of the marine environment in Crete". «NEW FIKI CITY» (movie), Ex. Siakavara Ekaterini, Kavadias Gerasimos.
  11. High School of Alikarnassos, «Phycoexploring…..», Ed. Stamataki Chara, Lakiotaki Polymnia.


After the end of the presentations, the English-language film, with parallel translation into Greek, "The Wonderful World of Algae" was shown. Then, in the presence of all the participating groups, a raffle was held for two underwater cameras, one for each level of education, with the winners being the 25th Primary School of Ilio, Attica - Collaboration with KPE Drapetsonas and the E.E.E.K. (SPECIAL EDUCATION) Xirokampos Agios Nikolaos. The two underwater cameras were sponsored by various local sponsors, such as the "Spirulina of Crete" Company. This was followed by the awards and the closing of the Symposium.


Awards were given to the following schools:

Primary Education


  1. "Educational and Scientific Approach" Award: The Award was shared by Primary School of Gournon Pediados with the 2nd Primary School of Ierapetra - Cooperation with KPE Ierapetra-Neapolis.
  2. "Subject Originality" Award: 1st Primary School of Gaziou District.
  3. "Best Presentation" Award: The Award was shared by the 1st Primary School of Nea Alikarnassos with the Nursery School "The smile".

Secondary Education


  1. "Educational and Scientific Approach" Award: The Award was shared by the Alikianou Chania High School, the 3rd High School of Heraklion, and the 6th High School of Heraklion.
  2. "Topic Originality" Award: The Award was shared between the 1st Secondary School of Heraklion and the Secondary School of Thrapsanou.
  3. "Best Presentation" Award: The Award was shared by Malia High School and E.E.E.E.K. (SPECIAL EDUCATION) Xirokampos Agios Nikolaos.

On Sunday 29/3, from 10.00 to 13.00, in the educational activities rooms of the Aquarium of Crete "Thalassocosmos", experiential workshops were held for the students, which included:


Observation of plankton in microscopes, stereoscopes. Head of Laboratory: Polychronaki Thalia, Biologist, Head of Exp. Activities of the Aquarium of Crete "Thalassocosmos".
Observation of "macroalgae - marine angiosperms" in a stereoscope - microscope, Laboratory Managers: Dr. Katsaros Christos, Professor EKPA, Dr. Orphanidis Sotirios, ELGO-DIMITRA Researcher.
Algae cards (museum, for algae - herbarium, for work in the field, for exchanging wishes and messages), Laboratory Manager: Dr. Roussomoustakaki Maria, UoA.

The Symposium was organized at the facilities of the Thalassocosmos Aquarium, in Heraklion, Crete, from March 27-29, 2015, in collaboration with the Hellenic Phycological Society (HELPS, and the Thalassocosmos Aquarium (http://www., which belongs to the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR). The Symposium was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religion.


The main objective of the Symposium, which is part of the Environmental Education Programs of the country's schools, was to acquaint students with the wonderful world of algae, their importance for humans, their value and role in the environment. The ultimate goal is to direct children's attention to new horizons of knowledge. Thus, education becomes more interesting, turns into a game that increases students' skills, creativity and familiarity with the environment, while at the same time contributing to the progress of the country with innovative actions


















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