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HEL.P.S. was founded in 1991, on the initiative of a group of phycologists from the Universities of Thessaloniki and Athens, as well as from the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (later NGC, currently HCMR). The constitution of the Society was approved by the Court on 15 April 1991, when it also began to officially function.


The discussions on the foundation of the Society had already begun since 1990, as a response to the proposal of European Phycologists and particularly Professor Michael Melkonian (University of Cologne) for the foundation of a European Federation of Phycological Societies. The first proposal was made by Christos Katsaros at a meeting of the Hellenic Phycologists in Thessaloniki on 8-9 June 1990 (in the frames of COST 48 program).


Professor M. Melkonian, who was invited in this meeting, developed his views on the foundation of the Federation and encouraged us to found either an autonomous Phycological Society or a Phycological Section within the already existing Hellenic Botanical Society. After that, Professors I. Tsekos and S. Charitonides, who were among the founders of the Society, participated in a related meeting held on 7 March 1991 in Germany.


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